Endurance Sports Timing


Race Results


A companion to timing, race results must also be accurate and timely. We strive for near-realtime results, regardless of the timing method chosen.

  • Timely awards listings
  • Preliminary results printed and posted during race
  • Preliminary results posted to the Internet from the race site

Chronotrack Bib Chips

  • The Chronotrack Bib Chip system is an electronic device attached to bib number. The advantage of this system is the speed with which one can get athletes registered for the race and there are no collection requirements after the event.

Race Results and Kiosk Results

Online Race Results (used for online tracking and a result page)

Best Damn Race

Onsite Kiosk(Great for athlete to find there time at the race site. Type in bib 56 to see the results)

Result Kiosk