About Us

Why Endurance Sports Timing?

Endurance Sports Timing is based in Florida. Our goal is to provide you with EXCELLENT service at an affordable rate. We will work with you from day one to make sure your race is a success.

What we bring to your event

With Endurance Sports Timing, every race is treated the same. Each race receives top quality service from our team.

  1. Inflatable Finish Line Arch
  2. Quiet Generators with the capacity to supply all the power we need
  3. Finish Line Chute
  4. Race Clock
  5. Timing System
  6. Personal to operate our systems and manage our equipment
  7. Race Day Registration (we ask for Volunteers to help with Registration/ Packet Pickup)
  8. E-Mail/Text Notifications for your racers and the ability to do GPS Tracking is a race uses RSU.

What Our Team Does Race Morning

It is important to remember that Endurance Sports Timing has a lot to prepare for your race. We setup equipment, check systems, and enter race day registrations just to name a few. Unless otherwise agreed upon, you will be responsible for providing enough people to run the registration table, guide participants on the course, man the water stations, etc. Our timing crews do not require any assistance from you to provide timing/results for the race.

We are used to the stress of race day and view it as our responsibility to help you manage those stresses. If you have any concerns on race day, please be sure to communicate these with our team. It is likely something that they have encountered a situation like yours in the past